Get to know this week's List for the week 41 ending on October 16th, 2016

Nielsen BookScan, part of the Nielsen Company (US) LLC, and America Reads Spanish (ARS), present the free weekly list of the Spanish bestseller titles in the US Market for week 41 of 2016 (week ending 10/16/2016)

Librotea opens its virtual stacks to all small and medium-sized booksellers in Spain.

It will be the first time that readers will be able to access these Spanish bookstores through this social media site.

Congreso del Libro Electrónico, Nov. 16-17

Ten different projects will reshape the world of the Electronic Book at the Congreso del Libro Electrónico (Ebook Congress) that will take place in Barbastro (Spain) on November 16-17, 2016.

Bolchiro Editorial Publishes a Bilingual Edition of Don Quijote

In this ebook of Don Quixote the publishing company Bolchiro has put together the original text of Cervantes – thoroughly reviewed by Professor Florencio Sevilla – with the famous translation into English by John Ormsby (1829-1895).

News Bulletin from ARCE - Asociación de Revistas Culturales de España

Read September/October News from ARCE here

New Director of the Foreign Rights Department of Grupo Planeta

Francisco Javier Sanz has become the new Director of the Foreign Rights Department of Grupo Planeta, in replacement of Daniel Cladera.

Getafe Negro, a literary miracle in the south of Madrid

“The head of Getafe Negro, the writer Lorenzo Silva, is a man of letters who isn’t bad at numbers, or at least number juggling, either.

The editor Pablo Álvarez joins Ediciones B

October 18th, 2016. “Pablo Álvarez will be appointed the new head of Plan B, a recently created imprint that will start to bring out new titles next year.

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