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Pa negre (Black Bread) to be published for the first time in English

“Pa negre (Black Bread), one of the most acclaimed works by the Catalan writer Emili Teixidor has landed in Canada and the United States courtesy of the publisher Biblioasis, who this July published its first translation into English.

Telling ’21st-Century Stories’: Spain’s Javier Celaya

There is good news’ from the publishing sector in Spain, says The Markets’ visionary speaker Javier Celaya of And it’s ‘radically transforming the cultural sector.’

‘Habits of Culture’ and the Digital Dynamic: Spain’s José Manuel Anta

The impact of digital, the population’s loss of ‘cultural habits’ that support reading, and challenges to the supply chain: Madrid’s José Manuel Anta on the Spanish publishing market’s challenges.

‘Growth Is My Biggest Concern’: Spanish Publisher Luis Solano

We need to work harder and customize our publishing offers in Latin America,’ says Barcelona-based independent publisher Luis Solano. Spain’s publishing market’s challenges, he says, include piracy and a need for new readership.

Mathilde Pomès, Spanish poetry Ambassador in Europe

The correspondence of the French Hispanist scholar, which will be exhibited at the National Library, reveals its essential role in the international diffusion of great authors of the twentieth century.

Spanish publisher to release copies of Voynich Manuscript, a book no living person can understand

Within the manuscript’s 240 pages are vibrant sketches, including over a hundred unknown plant species, mysterious astral charts and drawings of nude women.

Mexican writer Ignacio Padilla dies

The INBA has confirmed that the writer Ignacio Padilla died on Saturday at the age of 48.

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