Un avestruz con mucha luz

Author: José Carlos Andrés
- Children/Young
- NubeOcho
- ISBN: 9788494541582
- Release Date: 06-13-2017


A book to help kids stand up for themselves. They will love laughing (and counting!) in this read-aloud.  Ozzy the Ostrich and her friends were trotting across the plain. Three ostriches eating flowers: Yum Yum Yum. They came across three lions that wanted to eat them-

What did the ostriches do to save themselves and defend what's theirs?. This title is also available in Spanish as La avestruz Mariluz 978-84-945415-8-2. José Carlos Andrés is a famous author in Spain. He is a professional clown and children's theater actor. He has published The Journey of Captain Scaredy Cat and Carlota Wouldn´t Say Boo. 

Bea Enríquez: A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, Bea Enríquez is a visual artist who has exhibited her work in many shows. As an illustrator, she has worked with Santillana and Everest as well as with other publishers.


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