Rosa Montero and Carlos García Gual, candidates for the "M" Chair of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)

The journalist and writer Rosa Montero (b. Madrid, 1951) and the writer, philologist and critic Carlos García Gual (b. Palma de Mallorca, 1943) are vying, according to information received by EFE from diverse sources, to occupy the “M” Chair of the Royal Spanish Academy, which closed the period for the acceptance of candidates last night.

Although the official proclamation of the candidates will not be made until the plenary session scheduled for April 20th is held, the sources consulted by EFE have confirmed that Montero and García Gual are the candidates contending to assume the chair. The convocation for filling the vacant chair held until his death by the Asturian philologist, poet and professor Carlos Bousoño (1923-2015), was announced a month ago and it is expected that the voting for said chair will take place at the plenary session scheduled on May 4.

Original source of the news item: AGENCIA EFE